Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The environment and the US

Well here comes a rant and make no mistake.

I had the misfortune to listen to radio 4's today program this morning
(don't get me wrong I like the show but listening in made me angry). I heard President Bush's environmental advisor, James L Connaughton, talking about how good the present administration is for the enivronment and what a good job they are doing. What a load of rubbish. Lets face it all of the developed and developing world are no angels when it comes to our environmental record but at least we signed up to the kyoto protocol.

So lets be honest, the US says signing Kyoto and tackling CO2 emissions will be harmful to US business. In the short term, yes that may well be true and it is a price any country who are serious about reducing CO2 will pay. But consider the alternatives, keep warming the globe, ice caps melt, sea levels rise, east and west sea board of the US get flooded, weather patterns change, the gulf stream changes, food production gets affected - the list goes on. What does George imagine the cost of that being ?

Lets consider another option. The US invests heavily in researching and producing green technologies (by using tax collected on oil products ;)). It becomes a world leader in this field. Everybody wants what they produce/invent, the US gets rich, sets a great example and the environment benefits.

I just can't see common sense prevailing though. All I can hope is that Europe wakes up and steps up to the challenge.

Somewhere to rant

I am getting older. Its happening to us all. And working at a university you feel it more than most as you are constantly seeing 18 year old students, who's year of birth gets further and further away from mine.

I think thats why I needed a place to rant, and here it is. I will keep it short and sweet unless something really annoys me ;)